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Green Nomads is a small eco-friendly business based in Montejaque, Málaga Province, Andalucía, Spain. Our principal activity is organising nature walks, outings and workshops, as well as all-inclusive nature and walking holidays based in nearby mountain villages. Other than a business, we would like Green Nomads to be an idea and a state of mind: exploring rather than conquering, sharing rather than competing, enjoying endorphins rather than adrenaline.

Eva Bratek is a nature and walking guide, translator of publications and books related to nature and walking and co-author of Walking in the Ronda Mountains published by Editorial La Serranía.

Eva (and Negrita).

Eva (and Negrita).

Eva has been mountain walking since she was five-years-old, encouraged (and pushed) by her parents.

Eva´s love of nature was instilled in her by her mother, a biologist, and by now wildlife has become Eva’s true passion and, possibly, an obsession. Eva has been trained as a naturalist in Andalucía and has completed courses on safety and first aid, guiding, leading birdwatchers, advanced identification of birds of prey, animal tracking, and nature photography. She is registered as an active tourism company in Spain with the number (NºRTA AT/MA/00150).


Where we’re based and where we operate. Click on map to enlarge.

Eva tries to promote “going local” whenever possible by recommending local food and drink, small hotels, local products, services and attractions. She believes that eco-tourism is the future of Andalucía and tries to support ideas which preserve rural areas and nature. She also feels that small manageable projects are important to conservation: learning about and caring for your local patch or passing on the mountain  stories, legends and original place names which are slowly disappearing together with the generation of farmers and shepherds who used them.

Eva is deeply grateful to the local communities of Montejaque, Estación de Benaoján, Benaoján, Grazalema and Ronda; like-minded friends who have shared information, interests or just a happy afternoon in each other’s company and a chat about birds or olive oil. Special thanks to Reme Palacios Sanchez for being the best walking companion one could ever ask for, and to her father, Joaquin, whose knowledge of local wildife and mountains has been passed on not only to his family and friends but also generations of mountain walkers. Sadly,  Joaquin is no longer with us to share his wisdom.

Don Joaquin y sus amigos  Barriada de Estación 12.04.12

Don Joaquin y sus amigos
Barriada de Estación 12.04.12

You will find information and links on this website to interesting events and organisations which help preserve Andalucía’s nature and village communities.

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